Marco Polo apk

Marco Polo is an application that helps you chat with people through messages, calls, video calls. This application is available in many different languages, easy to use and free, so it is used by many people around the world.

Features of Marco Polo

It helps you communicate through text messages, images, emoticons and video audio files, as well as video calls between people. Everything sent in the conversation is easily reviewed at that time or later.

You can make private or group chats with lots of people, you can add anyone to the group or let them leave the group, you can leave the group. When you are making a call, you can easily switch to a video call without interrupting the conversation. From these groups, you can easily chat, exchange and share information with many people at the same time.

You can also update your status on any issues you like, watch videos and posts from people at the same time. Share useful information with your friends, add music to your favorites or add users with similar interests. You can also comment on people's posts and vice versa.

The app gives you a profile with information about your photos, names, contacts and there are many different field groups ... so people can find your contacts and add them. your network: search for old classmates, acquaintances, search for people and groups with similar interests to you, search your phone book or among your contacts.
The application is completely free for communication with domestic and international users, which will save you a lot of money compared to regular contacts. Apps that integrate many different languages ​​from around the world can easily talk to each other.

The videos are stored in the cloud so do not consume much memory for your device and it is easy to watch at any time.

The application is compatible with most devices, so you can talk directly with friends and family from iOS, Android and Windows devices, it is also capable of syncing across all devices. So you can chat with friends anytime, anywhere via WiFi anywhere in the world.

This app you cannot search and find anyone without their mobile number.

The application is very safe for users, all your information is confidential, does not sell user data for advertising and all personal information is under your control so it is not public. Dad without your permission.