MapQuest is a map application, GPS, voice navigation and live traffic updates. Whether you're running through a town or taking a long trip across the country, MapQuest has the reliable traffic information and guidance needed for you to navigate while reducing the stress of commuting.

MapQuest has always been a reliable source of maps and driving directions for years. It was developed by a division of R.R.Donnelly & Sons in 1967 and was eventually acquired by AOL. Today, MapQuest is still a prominent player in the field of maps with websites and applications for mobile devices.


With driving directions, you'll get a number of options with both directions and maps for your journey. What makes MapQuest stand out with its navigation feature is that you can find business locations on the route such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, shopping, groceries and pharmacies.

Easy to navigate

No matter where you are or where you need to move, the MapQuest navigation app helps you get there as fast as possible.

MapQuest has been redesigned to have the most eye-catching and intuitive interface, with the tools you need to get to places faster or discover new interesting places.

Turn-by-turn type and voice guidance make it easy to flow, even while driving.

Share location

Determine the path on the MapQuest map, then send the link directly to your friend's phone so everyone gets to the meeting place on time.

Adjust the route

When you change your plan abruptly or want to stop at any point, MapQuest is here to help you make the most appropriate route changes.

Plan travel with multiple stops

You are about to move to many locations, whether near or far, new or familiar, you can also rely on MapQuest to plan an optimal route, saving fuel and time.

Warning about the traffic situation

No one wants to lose time in traffic jams or in incidents, accidents ... MapQuest will send users important traffic alerts as well as real-time traffic information. for you to consider and choose the appropriate route.

Features of MapQuest


- On-road assistance system (free even if you are not a MapQuest member) is activated directly from the menu and helps users when they have problems with car breakdown, tire breakdown, running out of fuel ...

- Friendly voice navigation when you are walking or driving.

- Use the latest traffic data. Live weather updates and automatic route changes to help you get to your destination on time.

- Choose up to 3 different driving routes (if any) to get to the destination fastest and safest. This service will check for information on traffic, roads and many other issues so that users can choose the most optimal route.

- Impress your boss, family, or friends by being on time with ETA (estimated time to destination) and smart location sharing.

- Highlight your home and work addresses to find quick routes with one-touch operation

- Quickly search your favorite nearby places like cafes, restaurants, gas stations, and more.

- Advanced search through contacts, nearest searches, top categories, and nearby places of interest to help you get to your destination faster.

- Save some information when you click nearby petrol stations to view and compare gasoline prices with each other.

- Browse the menu and order food through MapQuest's GrubHub partner.

- Find points to relax. Discover areas and hotels near your current location.

- Read reviews from Yelp, prices, and more.