Mail Mohmal

One of the troublesome things people have when interacting with the internet is spam. Many of us are spammed every day. Although many mail service providers have anti-spam functionality, it is not enough. The cause of spam is many, in which some forums and websites that take advantage of the information you register to sell information to others are a common phenomenon. Many honest people who provided your information, your real email address and your information were taken advantage of. If you do not want to be in such a situation, using virtual email is the best solution.

Mail Mohmal is a temporary email service that helps us avoid the hassle of filling out primary emails into spam and spam when we sign up on websites or blogs that don't explicitly request email.

With Mohmal Mail, you do not need to register, you can use immediately. Emails sent to your email address will automatically be deleted after a short period of time, you don't need to do this manually. Therefore, these mailboxes are very handy to sign up for the forum without having to sign up for emails at other famous service providers (gmail, yahoo ...).

To use Mail Mohmal, you only have to choose between a random email or create an email yourself. Then an inbox will appear, where spam messages will arrive and the 46-minute counter, when the time is up, all messages received will be automatically discarded. The feature of Mail Mohmal is that you can only receive emails but not emails. Mail Mohmal is available in 17 languages ​​and, despite being launched, more than 65 million accounts have been created.

FEATURES of Mail Mohmal

- It is easy to understand and use

- Our service provides you with a disposable email address for anonymous registration with untrusted websites and services

- View, download content, print, view original messages in mailboxes

- Its 46-minute counter protects user privacy

- Countless disposable addresses - just one tap to get a new email address.

- Each temporary email address is unique and only be issued once, only you can receive your mail

- Allow attachment files.

- Email is sent immediately

- No registration required

Mail Mohmal creates a free and online virtual email address, you can use it freely while exchanging jobs without worrying about spam mail or information theft. The virtual email address on Mail Mohmal will be automatically canceled after we finish all jobs. This is really convenient and necessary for many people.