Magisto is a Smart Video Maker and Video Editor, creating excellent videos in minutes perfect for sharing on social media. Get attention on social media by converting your photos and video clips into eye-catching videos with Magisto's powerful filmmaker.

If you are a YouTuber or doing advanced videos and don't know how one can edit movies? Then you have to set up Apk Magisto Video Editor Pro in your Android gadget. It is provided for Android gadgets for the purpose of editing your videos on your smartphone without the hassle. All video enhancement tools are easy and straightforward so that in case you are new and do not know any basic improvements you need to use Magisto to edit your movies.

Magisto simplifies the task of editing videos to the maximum. You just need to record and upload videos with your phone, select the audio you want to accompany the video, and set the title for the app to start doing your work. It will edit all sorts of details like filters, effects, transitions, and runtime of your creation. You will only have to worry about the content of your recording, so you can forget about the production.


- AI-based technology for video analysis and editing.

- Face Recognition.

- Automatically stabilize filters, effects, and transitions.

- The video version is taken from the library or recorded by the application itself.

- Add soundtracks from your phone or music library with a Magisto license.

- Easy to share on social networks

All you need to do is choose two or more videos, a song for the soundtrack, confirm your options ... and wait a few minutes for the program to work wonders, a process that will take time. depending on the number of clips you selected.

When you're done, you can check and see how the app used the best parts of your video and edited them using the necessary music and transition effects.

How to Use the Magisto Video Editor

Music Slideshow, Photo Collage & Movie Maker to create featured videos in just 3 easy steps:

1. Choose a smart editing style - choose a style that suits your needs and the story you want to tell. Magisto can create a photo slideshow with music, video collage, and fully produced videos. The style can also help Magisto understand your use cases from birthdays or weddings to a social media marketing or even create ads.

2. Select Video Clip & Photos - Select photos and clips from your library or Google Drive ™ storage to edit

3. Select music - Magisto has a library of commercially licensed songs from rock to film. You can even use your personal music collection