Magic Tiles

Magic Tiles game is one of the music games that is storming the international market. Magic Tileswas developed and developed by Amanotes, a group of music lovers, combined and founded. With the purpose of the slogan Amateurs can Music - A person who does not know anything about music can still "play" music, Amanotes wants to bring music to everyone through technology.

Experience the mobile game Magic Tiles, quite impressive with the eye-catching interface color scheme of main colors blue, pink and white arranged by each feature such as player information, mission system, difficulty to overcome details. . In particular, the gameplay is not too picky, you can join as soon as the interface opens.

With quite simple gameplay, not as complex as other music games. Magic Tilesgives the user a friendly experience by touching the black bars, similar to the piano keys that are dragged along the screen of the phone to emit the selected song sounds, when dragged enough and Release the key, the player will score a corresponding number of points.

Tracks are upgraded with difficulty according to each level, experience, practice or professionalism, fast or slow so that players can easily perceive music through each audio key and the ability to overcome will be assessed. by stars. Even more advanced, Magic Tiles 3 also increases player interactivity by playing online with international friends to compare their music.

The music in Magic Tiles for android appears randomly and is constantly changing. Along with that, the buttons also constantly change from the bottom up at a faster pace for players to adapt. In addition to expressing your talents quickly, you also have the opportunity to enjoy romantic and artistic sound classical melodies. It can be said that Magic Tiles 3 apk will be the inspiration for music for players. With a simple interface, you will quickly become a classical composer with melodious symphonies.

Features of Magic Tiles

- Piano tiles gameplay

- Constantly increasing music pace

- Automatically plays a random music

- Simple interface

How to play Magic Tiles

Left click to play.