Rely on Lyft to get you where you need to go. Is there an early change? Need to go to the office to prepare for the morning meeting? We will arrange a driver for you to help you find the fastest bus route or show you the nearest scooter - you can leave within minutes. If it can be achieved, it is in the application.

Features of Lyft

Save time (and your sanity)
We will find a driver for you in a few seconds. Your time is money - it's absolutely painful to solve traffic problems and find parking. With Lyft, you can relax.

You have a choice
You can choose from 9 different ways *, all of which can be taken directly from your application. Whether you are looking for an affordable ride route, the most direct route or how to serve your crew, we offer a model that suits your needs and mood.

24/7 adventure
Rest assured, you can always ask Lyft to ride 24/7 and share your route with friends. Our community safety program is designed to provide better protection for drivers and drivers - from direct training to in-app features.