Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires

As a strategy game launched long ago, According to Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – Strategy RPG, although possessing only good graphics, this game has an impressive gameplay that will make you enjoy.

Graphics are something Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – Strategy RPG does not impress when it is built in a modest way. The environment in the game is designed in a rather rough and blocky style, the buildings look quite quiet and boring. It's a pity that when upgraded to higher levels, the buildings will not change their appearance, it will be difficult to get the sense of extreme excitement when the buildings are upgraded in both strength. and images like in Clash of Clans. The kingdom on the screen is something I don't really like about Lords Mobile when it is boring, unclear and not so beautiful, when it is designed as everyone is this is a big minus.

Owning extremely realistic gameplay, impressive and less boring when constantly having new features and increasing complexity with each level, it is not difficult to understand when Lords Mobile can attract a large number of gamers. such island.

Features of Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires game

Your squad consists of 5 generals with different attributes and skill systems, putting them in the squad will strengthen a specific army. While crossing the frontier to collect the generals, you will experience the gameplay is somewhat different and somewhat countervailing when Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – Strategy RPG allows us to develop the skills of the general hero in the form of targeting. This is entirely up to the gamer to decide when to use it, how to use it or not. Because this has increased the fun for the game when we can now deeply impact the game and give us the feeling of "playing the game", not just watching our soldiers "perform themselves".

There are 4 basic types of troops: Soldiers, Archers, Armors, and Throwing Machines, these 4 types will counter each other and you will select the number of troops each to suit the purpose of the capture or attack. Fort. The maximum size of the army is quite large, so try to train continuously so you can comfortably attack or defend at any time without relying on protective shields. Whenever you want to raid or conquer another city, you have to spend a certain amount of time marching to reach the enemy position, this can be an annoyance for some gamers but showing us the NSX's investment in small details.

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – Strategy RPG possesses extremely deep gameplay, each feature is small and large, it plays an important role and it really depicts the whole of a living kingdom, although it is impossible to feel its grandeur through Graphics but from the features in the game you will be overwhelmed by too many things to know and care. Perhaps so that Lords Mobile has attracted such a large number of gamers. This is a great game for entertaining and long-term attachment.