Lomotif is one of the best video editing applications for Android and iOS mobile platforms, supports inserting music into video clips, and merging multiple video clips (or images) into collage / short film music videos in just a few seconds. Once completed, Lomotif allows you to share videos anywhere you want.

Lomotif automatically converts the clips in the camera into impressive music videos without any editing. With the app's quick editing feature, you can forget the complicated and time-consuming video editing software.

The Lomotif app helps you fine-tune your videos to the perfect through the built-in editing tool, intuitive operations that let you choose the most beautiful moments throughout to insert into the highlight video. The program easily arranges clips to tell your story, allows importing videos and photos on Instagram, Facebook for editing and editing.


Features of Lomotif:

Smart operation

Automatically turn clips stored on your phone into great music videos without editing.

Cut and edit videos easily

Integrated editing tools within the application with gesture-based operations, allowing you to quickly select the best clip/image as the background for the product.

Rearrange photos/clips to show your story.

Easily use photos/videos on Instagram or Facebook to make videos.

Cut videos to share on Instagram

Adjust video size easily.

Choose from 2 formats: Share to Instagram with square size, 15 seconds length or share to Lomotif community with 16: 9 frame size, 30 seconds long.

Add music to videos with LomotifPreview videos on Lomotif

Other features

Use Hyperlapse videos to create interesting Time-lapse effects.

Use photos to create slideshows.

Share photos to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or save videos on your device.


How to use Lomotif

Step 1: Choose your favorite video clip.

Step 2: Add music.

Step 3: Preview the video.

Step 4: Share videos or save videos to the library."