Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz is a game to guess the names of thousands of famous logos from around the world. Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz has the largest collection of more than 4500 brands worldwide to solve.

Successful brands are always built on memorable logo images, each of which has a highlight that helps brand images become different and impress users. Use your skills and understanding of brands to complete the quiz Look at the logo and guess the names of famous brands! below! These are all famous understandings that you have certainly seen many times.

Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz apk progress is synchronized with Facebook and Google Plus, so you can play on all your different devices and compete with your friends for the highest score!

All logos shown or expressed in this game are copyright and / or trademarks of their respective companies. The use of low resolution images in this quiz app to use identification in an information context qualifies fair use under copyright law.

Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz is a game that looks at the logos of different business companies and guesses their names. There are over 900 diverse brands appearing around us every day. Also allows you to ask people via facebook or twitter.

A challenge to find a brand logo combined with the brand name is waiting for you, it will be an interesting experience because you will need to possess a fairly large knowledge of major brands around the world.

Your task when playing games guessing the brand name is to find a logo that matches its brand name.

There are many topics to guess the logo

- Car

- Clothes

- Food

- Sport

- Entertainment

- Technology


- More than 4,500 logos organized in over 80 packages to guess

- Bonus packages: logos are grouped into unique categories.

- Expert pack: for those who want a challenge!

- Helpful clues! Each puzzle bonus 2 hints!

- Swipe the screen to switch between logos!

- Log in with Facebook or Google Plus to synchronize your Logo quiz game score and compete with your friends!

- Ask your Facebook friends for help when stuck!

- Scoreboard, where you can compare your rankings with friends.

- Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz is synchronized with Facebook and Google Plus, so you can play it on all your different devices.

- Timely update: new packages are added regularly.

- Classify challenges in guessing logos by level and country

- Guess the logo with increasing difficulty

- Hints to help you make logo easier

- No time limit to guess the brand name

- Invite your friends to join you to make the logo more fun

- High quality game graphics

- Favorite game around the world

- Small logo game size

- Game offline, play anytime, anywhere

The game is free but very entertaining and challenging, do not miss it. And don't forget to introduce friends to this interesting logo game.

All logos in this game are copyright and are trademarks of their respective corporations or brands. The images in this game are for contextual identification purposes only and strictly comply with copyright laws.