Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is the ultimate slither style game. It will take you more than that to survive in the humid world of Ambrosia! Little Big Snake is a slippery game of serpentine fun. On the forest floor, deep below its foliage, you are forced to protect yourself from many potential threats just by using the mouse and some hard-earned upgrades. In Little Big Snake, you start as a small snake that looks like an insect, your task is to eat, smash and climb the food chain. If you want to grow and survive, you'll have to swallow nectar, kill Jujas - pests in the forest - and eat all kinds of disgusting insects. But be careful! Little Big Snake is a multiplayer online game and that means you will have to compete with other rivals to climb the leaderboard.

Little Big Snake is a jungle arena and you will be pitted against other players who are hungry for evolution just like you. If you want to win, you will have to compete with other snakes. Every time you kill a snake you will gain victory and grow stronger. The bigger you are and the more enemies you kill, the higher your reward in coins. You can use your money between levels to upgrade different aspects of your snake. Little Big Snake is an addictive snake game, If you think you're ready for a challenge then why not start joining now? Welcome to the world of snakes, have fun playing fun