Lime is an application that offers users the sharing of scooters and electric bicycles. 1. Our micro mobility solutions include free rental bicycles, electronic assist bicycles, and Electric motorbikes are available anytime to take you across town or on campus. Just touch to find a trip near you, scan the code to unlock, and go!

With Lime, you'll never have to worry about traffic or find a parking lot, and you can safely leave the car at your destination for a fraction of the cost of taxi or ride-sharing. Have fun, connect with your community, and come to your destination in style. Lime is your trip anytime!

Lime will bring its users comfort and convenience. By using the Lime app to locate a scooter closest to you, then scan the code on the scooter thanks to the app - after scanning the code, the bike is unlocked and the customer is able to ride with the scooter. This lovely. This is an application that is considered a platform that gives users the ability to travel around town by electric motorbike that can be found and unlocked from our phones and can be used by the system for Rent: We will pay for usage time as well as a fixed price to unlock each scooter.

Features of lime:

With this application, you can easily find yourself a car to help you convenient on the move:

- Your morning/evening commute

- Rides with friends

- Rides to/from public transit stations



- Rides to/from classes

- Group of tourism and tourism

- Day and night

- When you want to explore your urban city.

- Anytime you want fun, fast, convenient ride through town!

- Popularity is quite wide, currently available in more than 50 cities.

How to use lime:

- Open the app to find an electric scooter on the map. You can find Lime-S (tram) nearby, Lime-E (e-assist bike), LimeBike on the map

- Unlock your trip by scanning a QR code or entering an ID

- Move to your destination and when you get there, park the scooter out of pedestrian traffic and lock the car again.