Likee is a video editing tool with many special effects. Editing and creating videos today is no stranger to us, all images of everyday life can be saved in videos. You are a person who likes to create, edit videos, save everyday moments to send to your friends, create money channels or for other purposes, this is the app for you. With this application, you can create videos easily with playful tunes and discover many interesting things.

Features of Likee

The application allows you to cut and edit from original videos, music videos, comedy clips of members Likee and let you watch movies about culinary discoveries many times, learn about life and many other interesting things.

Here you will see videos of celebrities and talented artists from around the world, making friends with young people living in or near your city. You can share your video making experiences, meet and share life experiences as well as everyday hardships and more.

You can quickly increase your fan base, create a platform for talented video creators to help them advance on their own growth path. You can create videos with rich and compelling content suggested on popular sites, earn billions of views, earn money through the Creator Rewards feature, and participate in the digging program. create professional from the Creator House Training Program, and quickly become a new network phenomenon.

A tool with loads of special effects, thousands of virtual stickers and emoticons, each of your selfies will look unique and the editing features will give you beautiful products. eye. Fastest production tool to turn your photos into blockbusters in seconds!

Audio filters have the ability to create exclusive music videos with special effects in perfect synchronization with the beat of the music. When you create a video using the audio of other videos, it is easy to understand and unavoidable. Thanks to the audio filter feature of this application, you can create a lot of videos without being copyrighted.

You can shoot blockbuster videos on your mobile phone through smart features like Hair Color, Magic 4D, Super Power.

You can also voice videos with the voiceover scripts from the world's most famous movies, helping you to become the star of any movie you want.

When you create a complete video, you can share it with people so they know about your accomplishments and you can also ask other people to add ideas for creating a good video.

Practicing practice to shoot, cut and edit videos regularly will help you improve your capabilities.

By watching the original high-quality videos you can learn from them.

The app is completely free, so you can freely download the Likee app and use it without having to worry about paying for it.

The application is compatible with most devices including android and IOS. "