Life360 is the most powerful and accurate application and has been updated with many new features such as Life360 Circles and Life360 Place. Use the latest GPS tracking technology.

Life360 lets you know where your team members are, you can zoom in on the Life360 map to see the street names or images of buildings and roads. When the "team member" is moving, the screen will also display "moving" (moving). You can set up special locations such as home and work addresses and frequently visited addresses such as your mom and dad's house to receive notifications as "team members" "just arrived" (arrive). or "just left" (left). And when you are in danger, you only need to press the "Help Alert" button, then Life360 will automatically send a message of your current location to each member of the group and send it to the list of emergency numbers. The level has been installed by you; In parallel is the optional (optional) call 911 police.


You can also review the "team member's" travel schedule for how far you have traveled, how long it will take you to stay in one place within the last 48 hours, or within 30 days if you pay $ 5 one month for Life360.

And another extremely handy thing for users is that you can create many different groups that only members of that group can see each other. For example, the Family group consists of husband-and-child group and the Parent-wife group, Parent-husband group or Close-friend group ... the people in this group cannot see the people in the group. the other group. That's great and doesn't bother the privacy of each group differently.

One more interesting thing is that you also know the "team members" have a percentage of the battery in the phone and whether the phone is plugged in or not. You can remind the person to quickly charge the phone to run out of battery.

Features of Life360:



- View locations of Group members on a private map

- Select when sharing locations for each Group

- Chat directly or with everyone in each Life360 Group.

- Location alerts are enabled when a Team member has arrived.

- Trace stole or lost phone

- Locate family members at any time thanks to leading GPS tracking technology.

- View family members on a private map with GPS, WiFi, and cell division family tracker technology.

- Save places you frequently visit and receive automatic notifications when family members arrive or depart.

- Get help in an emergency with the Panic feature - support to make a phone call, email, or text message with your GPS tracking coordinates to everyone in your contact list.

- View information about recent sexual abuse and criminals in your area (this feature can be turned off on children's phones).

- Keep track of missed locations or lost phones.

- Connect in an emergency when you need help with the Panic button, take a shortcut to a phone line and connect directly with family members even when infrastructure fails.