Life is strange mods

Life is Strange mods is one of the puzzle games that you should try. Square Enix’s products are not only quality, but also have depth in both graphics and story. After a long time of success on consoles and PCs, Life is Strange has officially arrived on the mobile platform and has become even better than ever, since you can now easily I am into the world of games anywhere.

It is no accident that Life is Strange has won many awards. Since the first part of the five-part game came out in January 2015 on consoles (and later the Mac), Life is Strange plot got a lot of praise. This is the story of a young woman named Max Caulfield (a female photographer) with her friend Chloe find out what happened to a girl who was missing from high school that Max is studying. And of course, they do this with the ability to go back in the time of Max.

Critics have praised the game’s unusual decision to create two heroines, instead of just one. Characters attract the attention of the game players thanks to their well-built character, while the Garden State theme music mixes perfectly with the game, with just the right amount of melancholy. And although this makes the game sound a little gloomy (it’s not like that), the story of Life is Strange also skilfully refers to many social issues such as bullying in school, addiction, suicide, and unemployment.

The story of the iOS / Android version is the same as the Mac version. At the start of the game, Max Caufield was sitting in a photography class at Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. After failing to answer the teacher’s question, touch the screen to direct Max towards the toilet, then touch to see the poster or interact with other characters and objects on the way you go, and pull left and right to look around. In the toilet, Max accidentally saw a girl shot dead. This terrible moment brings Max back in time and helps you get acquainted with the special mechanism of the game.