Lichess apk

Lichess - Free Online Chess Game is an Internet chess server. Anyone can play anonymously, although players can register for an account on the site to play ranked games.

Lichess is developed by a team of volunteers who love the game. That means this application is completely free. Free advertising. Open source. And could not believe it
This site allows users to play chess games directly and correspond to other players at different time controls. It has training features, including basic chess, tactical training, chess coordinates, chess video library, chess knowledge, open exploration and research. It also has a section where chess coaches can advertise their services to users.

Lichess operates live tournaments both in standard and variable chess, and at different time controls, with an uncontrolled slowest time control of 15 minutes per game with an increase of 15 minutes. seconds per move. The difference from other online chess tournaments is that they are run in an arena format where a member can join and leave at any time, and their scores are retained if they participate. back in the tournament. To participate in a tournament, users must play a sufficient number of games (in the same control or the same variation).

Features of lichess apk

- Play chess, blitz, classic and corresponding chess

- End table base explorer for standard chess and atomic chess

- Find, track, challenge players

- Play chess online with other players.

- Play against the computer, a friend or a random opponent.

- Practice with chess puzzles

- Play with people who meet your desired settings.

- Discuss everything chess on the forum.

- Designed for both phones and tablets, supports landscape mode

- No registration required.

- Analyze calculator with moving notes and game summary

- Independent flag clock with multiple time settings

- 80 languages ​​available

How to play lichess game

While playing against a random opponent, you can specify how many minutes each opponent will have in one step. Before the game starts, you have the option to switch sides and choose black or white. The interface is great, clutter-free, and lets you focus on the game.

Training mode - Unlimited high-quality chess puzzles, created on the fly from real-life Lichess games! A tool to analyze each game played on Lichess and search for locations that generate great chess puzzles. This means you always see new chess puzzles. You get riddles ratings and you can even watch the game it played.

Users can also play games with the Stockfish chess engine on some difficulty levels. They can also analyze specific positions from standard flags or any supported flag variants. The site deploys a version of the Stockfish tool that runs on a user's local machine in the user's web browser for limited or infinite analysis, which calculates the game's streams or the biggest threat to the user. prime.