LandstarOnline Mobile

LandstarOnline Mobile is a free software application from the Office Suites & Tools subcategory, part of the Business category. Identify Landstar Available Loads using specific and various search criteria.

View load details including stops, accessorials, and revenue breakdown.

User-controlled Search Favorites for repetitive and efficient searching.

Locate and contact Landstar Agents.

BCOs may enter freight bill related Status Updates for In-Transit, Arrive/Depart at the location, Start/Stop Loading, Start/Stop Unloading, and Delivery.

Set the load origin search criteria and in-transit location to your current location using the phone’s GEO locator.

You must be a Landstar BCO, Agent or Employee and have an active account with a mobile User Id (PID) and PIN specified as part of your Account Information.

Functionality may differ from that offered through

Detail Load maps are presented based on your smartphone device. Any miles, routes, or driving times presented on the map are controlled by your smartphone device and may differ from those presented on load detail screens and in other Landstar systems.

Please remember to always be safe - do not use the application while operating your vehicle.

Access to LandstarOnline Mobile has been via a smartphone app on the iPhone/iPad and Android and Windows Phone devices, though Landstar-leased owner-operator Jackie Wormley prefers the full utility that accessing the system through a web browser enables, she says. She bought the large-screen Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone she carries “just for that reason, so I could look at the regular load board without having to open up my laptop.”