Lalamove driver

If you are a Lalamove driver or want to start making money by providing this transport company with your services, Lalamove Driver is the application you need to pick up guests and start controlling your income. This app is a service-based facility, so you'll need to register on it before you start working.

Deliver and move goods in spare time and make money. Register with your bike, truck, car, or truck to start earning money for every delivery you make. Workaround your own schedule and choose the order that suits you best. Be your own boss and track your income with every order.

Feature of lalamove driver

- Make money: The more you deliver, the bigger your income.

- Drive-in your own time: Receive orders for your convenience.

- Virtual training: Become a verified Lalamove driver-partner by completing the training module in the comfort of your home.

- Continually maintain an oversupply effort by keeping a healthy prospect system, by effectively planning and training, and effectively keeping drivers on the platform.

- Provide accurate, valid and complete information using the right methods/tools

Requirements for riders Lalamove

- Latest clear images of your vehicle - front, side, and rear.

- A valid driver's license. Good news! Non-Pro licenses are accepted in Lalamove.

- A valid OR / CR copy of your vehicle. If not already owned, a copy of the Sales Certificate. If you do not own your vehicle, an authorization letter will be required.

- Clear NBI Clearance or Police Clearance.

The first thing to do when you download the app is to insert all your personal data and media, which will make it easy for your platform and customers to recognize you immediately. Once you have a Lalamove Driver profile, you can start picking up passengers, accepting trips from passengers and taking them from one place to another. From the service menu, you can check the destination of each passenger on the map and see how much you will earn for each trip.

In this role, you will be required to not only build the largest fleet in your city but also the best. You will have to know everything about what it means to be a delivery driver and learn the tricks of trading. Both of you will be the driver's supporters, but all are charged with holding them responsible for the level of service they provide.

Moreover, one of the advantages of Lalamove Driver is that you can use the platform throughout Southeast Asia, meaning you can travel easily between countries without having to create a new profile. Use the service in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, or Vietnam and make money anywhere thanks to your car and Lalamove Driver.