Kumu is a Livestream platform, prioritizing the voice of more than 100 million Filipinos worldwide. Through the app, you can hang out, explore the many Livestream that Kumunity offers, meet and interact with others; You make money by becoming a live stream, playing live game programs and participating in various promotions.

Features of Kumu

The Kumu app is a powerful Livestream platform, prioritizing the voice of more than 100 million Filipinos around the world, where Filipinos no longer feel lonely and out of place.

The app features Game Show, where authentic, inspiring and exciting game shows also allow users to win some attractive cash and prizes.

Quiz Mo Ko is a program that thousands of Filipinos adjust at 9 pm every day of the week to play a live-streaming quiz program in which fast and smart people can play and make money.

You can become a live stream, play live game programs and participate in various promotions to make money.

Meet interesting people and interact, chat with each other.

The Kumu user community provided by musicians, DJs, artists, educators, and Filipinos shares their stories around the world through their live streaming channels every day.

You can watch other people's channels with lots of interesting and useful things from entertainment, science, biology, sports, skills and create your channels.

The app has a game show that caters to Titos and Titas, who love to sing their way and even the band.

Despite being a popular channel for Filipinos, the app supports multiple languages ​​to make it easy to chat with members from different countries.

To install and use, you need to allow the application to access some features of the device, but this application is very safe, it will neither harm your device nor steal data.

This app helps the Filipino community and others get closer, so you can make friends from around the world or have fun chatting, meeting interesting friends. The usefulness of the application, it has been used by many users around the world.

You can download it easily and quickly. You should download Kumu apk at our website to get quality applications.

Talking to strangers is beneficial for you, helping you to strengthen your relationship but it also brings many negative aspects if you are not smart and not alert enough.

Many bad guys use this app to make friends and harm others, for example, to lure young people in a bad way and do things that are inappropriate for them, to cheat and take your property.