Komoot is an application that helps you experience more adventures in your life. Even if you're offline or in an area with poor reception or service, this app can help you plan your hiking, get directions, explore, and more.

Komoot keeps an eye on your journey with turn-by-turn voice guidance. So you will always be assured of the roads ahead you will go and navigate easily, even on small trails or in the forest. Komoot is the key to the outdoors. Just plan your hiking, cycling, or adventure in the plan and get guided along any road, trail, path or path even when you're offline. Get your first zone for free and say hello to your next adventure!

Features of Komoot:

- Help you plan your next adventure to make sure it's the best time possible. An application that can help you find the perfect path for whatever you want to do. It can find you a smooth surface to bicycles, rocky terrain to hike or climb, and anything in between. The app also provides lots of different route details such as altitude, difficulty, distance, and even surface.

- Voice navigation of any route or route you are traveling. The guides are also voice-over, so you never have to take your eyes off the trail. Whether your trail is big or small, this app will make sure you stay on track. The application also includes offline maps, which is a great feature for you when you cannot connect to the internet.

- This application allows you to create your own activity log and share it with other users of this application. Or you can keep them private. The diary will contain things like photos, highlights, routes, and more. The Komoot community can then view your activity log, like a diary, and even post comments and ask questions for you. Viewing the logs of other users can also be a great way to get inspired for adventure, and you can even follow users if you want to keep up with their journey.



How to use Komoot:

The way the application is presented and designed is also great and very simple to find and use all the features. The interface and the application itself are easy to use. Everything is easy and flexible to use, which is quite important for an application like this.