Kodi apk is an open source multimedia application that runs on Android, Windows, Linux, Raspberry, MacOS, iOS platforms. Depending on which operating system you are using, download the correct version for that operating system. Kodi is like a Media Player, capable of playing movie, video and music formats from your hard drive, and has the ability to run online links in addons installed on Kodi. The default version of the original Kodi download will not include any of them, many people often call this a clean version, then users must install the addon to use and have programs to view.

Controlling Kodi is extremely easy, users can use the computer keyboard, use the remote controller, use the control application right on the tablet and mobile phone, and even control the TV if the device CEC support, control via web interface.

What is the add-on in Kodi?

Add-ons are considered the soul of the Kodi application. Kodi allows developers to create extended applications to augment Kodi content. Kodi is a program for managing multimedia content, while add-ons are responsible for bringing content to Kodi.

Add-on is a code package used to get movie content, music ... from one or more websites and then present them in the interface of Kodi so that you can watch movies and music from these websites directly on Kodi. Where are the Kodi add-ons you find? This add-on, written by programmers, is shared among online communities, you can search on Google, through forums.


- Listen to music: Kodi can play all music files in AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV and WMA formats. It also features cue sheet creation, bookmarking support, MusicBrainz integration, and smart playlists for total control of your music collection.

- Watch movies: Kodi supports popular video formats such as ISOs, 3D, H.264, HEVC and WEBM as well as stream content online. Kodi can watch movies with full information about posters, artist information, trailers, additional videos ...

- View photos: Users can use Kodi to import photos from the gallery and browse photos with multiple types of viewing, sorting, filtering photos, viewing photos in slideshow form, all of which can be used by remote control.

- Watch TV shows: Kodi TV Shows Library supports viewing different seasons and seasons of TV Show accompanied by posters, banners, bookmarks, descriptions and actors. Smart Playlist feature, video tag/node will help organize this library according to personal preferences.

- Multiple skin options: Kodi allows users to completely change the GUI interface thanks to the ability to customize the skin. You can choose from a list of skins created by the user community here, each option featuring a lot of different customization tools.

- UPnP: With UPnP compatibility, Kodi allows users to stream content from other devices to Kodi or vice versa. The software also allows importing UPnP sources to synchronize data in Kodi.

Compared to the current popular movie software, Kodi does not have many advanced features, but it has a friendly interface and simple to use. It's easy to see everything using Kodi and makes you feel like you're in a real home theater system. Download Kodi for free to experience great movies.