Knife Hit

Knife Hit is a game of throwing knives at the spinning board, slicing apples and unlocking new knives. This is an interesting game of reflexes and skills, in each challenge, you have to throw all your knives on a spinning board for this board to be broken but not to throw at the knives on it. . This version was created by Kyriakos Farris, which was inspired by the game from Ketchapp.

Features OF Knife Hit

Knife Hit helps you practice skills, quick reflexes for eyes and hands. Throwing knives at the spinning board skillfully to slash apples and break the spinning board to unlock new knives. The spinning board will spin at an unlimited speed, sometimes fast enough at slow enough for you to throw a knife into it. You have to throw all your knives at the spinning table, not the knives on it because you will lose your life when you throw them. The number of knives on the rotating board will be more and more dense by you throwing them, which distract you and discourage you. You need a knife throwing strategy. When you throw all the knives the board will break into pieces and you will play at the next level.

The game has many levels for you to complete. Each level will have different difficulty. As you progress, challenges become harder and you have to spend time perfecting. After each level 5, you have a confrontation with the boss, in which you must complete an even harder throwing knife challenge. This game has great playability and very interesting. Check your reaction and time today in Knife Hit.

The apples on the spinning board will increase your score. This score will be used to compete with other players, making you in a higher ranking position.

The endless game is free to play, can compete with people around the world, score high and become the top of the leaderboard.

The game with simple gameplay combining beautiful interface and funny sound will bring you a sense of fun and comfort when playing.

The game is for all ages, and it also stimulates brain development, helps to train reflexes with the definitive ability of the brain.

How to play Knife Hit GAME

You just need to touch the screen to throw the knife on the turntable when the turntable moves to the appropriate position. I believe you can sit for hours playing this addictive game.