KMOV News apk is an application that provides the latest information on weather, traffic, general news of the day ... This application is used for mobile devices and iPads when you are moving. A popular application, it can be used in any geographical location with many radar views, video channels and related content.

Features of KMOV News

At KMOV News app the information around St. Louis is updated regularly to provide the hottest news for users. Hot videos bring you breaking news.

Events of the day: news on crime, politics, along with videos of real photos.

7-day weather, and hourly information, locate you and provide detailed forecasts, conditions, and alert information for you wherever you are. Thanks to accurate weather information along with dangerous warnings, users can avoid bad cases, for example, going out will bring umbrellas, raincoats ..., or working in locations. outdoors and not affected by rainwater, there will be timely remedies. In general, weather forecasts will save money, time, effort and sometimes protect the lives of people. Activate alerts and receive notifications to receive news as soon as it happens.

Provide serious traffic incidents on specific routes along with the severity of the incident, through which you will know which route to take.

Regarding sports: you will be provided with information about the matches of the sports and also update the news around the match and the results and scores. Sports enthusiasts must be looking forward to the news about the sports they are interested in, along with news about athletes or coaches. Then this application will be of great help to everyone.

The application is free and above all, it brings a lot of valuable information to everyone so this application has been used a lot in the world.

When you move to anywhere, anytime, this application will serve you because you only need mobile devices to be able to use.

Because it is a free application, during the usage process, there will be ads that annoy you.

How to use KMOV News

Download KMOV News app, you can comfortably follow the information on news, sports, weather, ...