Kingdom rush

Kingdom Rush is a very good defensive game for ancient soldiers. In this game, you play as a talented military leader ready to defend your kingdom, your task is to build a fortified defense fortified with magic with the support of forces such as soldiers from the outside, generals, ... against the invasion of the enemy.

In the Kingdom Rush game, you will have to protect your kingdom by fighting monsters, evil giants, powerful witches, and ferocious monsters by taking advantage of the arsenal and spells. You will fight in forests, mountains, and plains, customizing your defensive tactics with various battle upgrades. Create a rain of fire and rain on the enemies, summon reinforcements, order the soldiers, recruit more warriors and face legendary monsters in the quest to save the kingdom from dark forces. The game has HD graphics for a great gaming experience with Kingdom Rush.

Features Kingdom Rush

The game is the attack from bloodthirsty monsters on your kingdom and you need to fight fiercely to defeat them all. Because of the different features in Kingdom Rush that created a thrilling and dramatic game:

- Here will be the battle to defend the castle will take you hours to conquer and win.

- Order your troops and watch them participate in battles

8 modes to upgrade the battle to different players easy to customize tactics. For example Mighty Barbarians, Arcane Wizards, Forest Rangers, and other modes.

- There are more than 50 different types of enemies, from goblins to wicked people, each with their own skills so you need to be careful.

- There are more than 18 tower abilities! Have the Sorcerers summon earth elements and polymorphism your enemies!

- There are 9 heroes: You will choose the talent who can lead the army to fight hard to bring about victory.

- The game has battles that have never been seen in the genre of defense games.

- Optimized for Android phones and tablets.

- Encyclopedia right in the game with a lot of information from your castle to the enemies.

How to play Kingdom Rush

In this Kingdom Rush game, you will have to build checkpoints to kill the monsters and goblins that are invading the city. Do not let them into the city and disturb the peace of the people here.

Pay attention to the information of the type of monsters you have to fight while playing. Depending on their magic resistance, physical resistance, you can make a decision to use the corresponding tactics. Sometimes archery towers with low damage are much more effective than a tower firing bullets with tremendous destructive power. And don't forget to use the power of champions, mercenaries and magic, because there will be many levels so difficult that you cannot overcome them without them.