King of Math

King of Math is a fast-paced math game with many interesting and varied problems in different fields. Here you have to answer all the questions as quickly as possible to show your skills and sublime level. Start as a male or female farmer, answer math questions to level up your character and improve your total score. New character designs and music for each of the ten levels. Collect stars, earn achievements and compare your scores with friends and players around the world!

This is a great game to improve or refresh your math skills, train your mind, become one of the kings of math and you'll have lots of fun doing it. ! King of Math is a dynamic, very interesting and problematic game, try to improve yourself in each challenge.

With a simple and beautiful interface design, you will have a lot of interesting games, along with great music, you can share the application with your friends. Besides this math degree corresponds to secondary education, ideal for children, children, and adolescents.

The game is a combination of all addition, subtraction, multiplication, division ... brings many different challenges for the player. Those challenges are completely experiences so you can allow yourself to reinforce past knowledge or even make you a play with unparalleled knowledge.

Features OF King of Math

King of Math gives players a game to enjoy the educational application `` Possibly interesting '' that will turn you into the king of friends. An interesting math game has attracted all ages from children to seniors by the following interesting features:

- Play with over 100 challenges awaiting players to decipher. At the same time, this is one of the best educational applications available.

- It is a challenging game that requires players with hand-eye coordination and observation skills.

- The game brings a simple and beautiful interface design that gives players a sense of comfort and fun.

- The game includes Additional. Subtraction. Mixture 1. Multiply. Division. Arithmetic. Geometry. Fractions. Power. Statistics. Equation. Mix 2. If you want to try King of Math for free, check out the free version of the game including the first three parts.

How to play King of Math

Start the game by pressing play. Then choose the grade and math skills you want to practice. Correctly answer questions to earn gold that you can use to increase power and other items. Together consolidate all knowledge on an exciting King of Math game. Maybe this is one of the best educational games available.