Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is a fun and interesting android game loved by many players because of its simple but very addictive gameplay, your task is to attack and defeat the tough and tough Buddy cloth guy provocative.

Kick the Buddy is an interesting and famous Android game that has more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play app store. Join the game, you will use many different destruction tools such as boom, fire, ... on a puppet character with many ways to choose the way to "practice" Buddy as you like. Kick the Buddy also has other interesting options as you can makeup for Buddy, buy Buddy clothes. And if there are updates, the design team will create more images for this Buddy character

This is a good game to relax, relieve your stress. With funny pictures, vivid sounds, this game will help you quickly dispel all tiredness and frustration. It is suitable for you to vent your anger, work pressure after a hard day. Players can play any game with characters, from dragging, hitting, to using assistive devices. You can find knives, pistols, submachine guns and a large arsenal just for you. Of course, our characters never leave a place to suffer. It will run smoothly on the screen in any position so you have to be quick and quick to see them.

Features of Kick the Buddy

- There are lovely characters combined with funny designs.

- Enjoy upgraded amazing graphics, new interactions with Buddy, hilarious weapons, fantastic backgrounds, and lots of unique features.

- Kick the Buddy owns a simple control system for players. That helps players not having trouble during play.

- Having a high quality sound will bring players much excitement.

- This is an interesting and entertaining game to help players dispel the hard work and fatigue. It is an ideal game for you to choose.

- Many interesting exciting games, many items to buy and test.

How to play Kick the Buddy game

- To control this game, you only need to use the mouse. With it, you must choose the weapon to use and click the doll to start downloading all your fury into it. Unload your weapon until you’re good with it, and then move on to the next one!

Kick The Buddy Free Tips and Tricks

- You only need to hit the dummy with any weapon; aim well, and shoot him with whatever you have available.

- You start with a knife, but it still gives you coins for hitting the doll, so use it to start saving to buy better dolls and weapons.

- Another thing you can do to advance in this game quickly is to repeatedly press the mouse; you will miss some shots, but you will compensate them with all the ones you will hit.