Invenio Music Player

Invenio Music Player is an advanced player for all music formats and is integrated with all imaginable music utilities you may need in your life. Music player, ringtone editor, music editor, recorder, mp3 tag editor, intelligent music structure assistant in single music. We have created this application for self-use, it can provide true high quality music player for all existing formats (not just mp3 music) and has useful features that can be used. Use most popular search and download engines together. No matter where you get your favorite music. With our player, you can structure it, bookmark or edit music, cut ringtones from any audio file and even record music instantly. If you're bored, the advanced equalizer is for most experienced music lovers.

Features of Invenio music player

Appreciate carefully designed apps? We have created this idea mentally to block your idea and execute it before you ask

Ultimate music player, all included

High sound requirements? Equalizer helps

Tagger MP3 is needed after downloading music from unknown sources

To edit music or cut a ringtone to customize the device

Instant recording

Save battery and extend the design life

Integrate Bluetooth with your car or helmet

Change palettes and apply skins

Advanced music library management

Customizable music appearance

Complete SD card support (music player that supports SD card)

Embedded file manager

Music backup function. You can back up all music and app settings on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or One Drive. Backup music, save music to the cloud, and cloud music storage.

Selective storage. You can restrict access to memory in the application settings. By default, Invenio Player scans all memory on the device. You can change this behavior in settings by selecting certain folders to use for the application. Both internal and external storage is supported. Folder music player, with the certificate folder limit function.

Lyrics. You can take the lyrics of any online music track and save it as a trace for offline use. Click here to search for lyrics. Just don't forget to use the appropriate song title and artist