Interstellar pilot apk

Interstellar pilot - explore endless space of the universe. Fly different types of spaceships. Get resources and fight different enemies. Become the best pilot of the known space in this sci-fi game for Android. Fly your ship through asteroid belts, and outer space. Avoid collisions with dangerous objects.

Learn to fly at the flight school and then head out into the stars in this fully-fledged space sim.

Features of Interstellar pilot

• Earn your fortune in a persistent world with hundreds of roaming ships.

• Huge universe to explore

• Pilot different ships from small shuttles to huge capital ships

• Build up your own fleet

• Construct your own factories

• Scripted scenarios

• Detailed spaceships and environment

• Accurate damage model

• Tutorial system

• Cinematic visuals

• High quality 3D audio

* The game was designed for best play on a screen size of around 5"

* The game is currently in English language only