Inter-Blackboard apk is a useful application that allows users to write and draw right on the phone. Inter-Blackboard turns the screen of your phone into a blackboard for whatever you like.

A special feature of Inter-Blackboard is to invite friends, relatives or anyone you want to form a group in many ways such as bluetooth, driver, facebook, gmail ... When in a room, you can Draw or write everything to communicate with each other. Everyone in the group will see what is happening on the board and vice versa.

Blackboard Inter apk has a rich color palette system, choose your favorite colors or create colorful pictures. With Inter-Blackboard, the conversation is no longer boring, but also becomes fun entertainment. People can play many games with this smart blackboard such as guessing pictures, guessing words, solving puzzles...

No need to meet, no need chalk and board, rags but with just a few simple steps that people can connect and have fun times together.

Inter-Blackboard can also help share homework assignments between people. Inter-Blackboard helps a lot in group study or the problems entangled among many people anytime anywhere.

Features of Inter-Blackboard

- Writing, drawing arbitrary

- Unleash creativity

- Brings you an extremely useful and interesting application

- You can share with friends through social networking sites

- Extremely simple and easy to use interface

Although Blackboard Inter is very simple, it brings many benefits. If you want to chat in a special way, then download Inter-Blackboard is the best way.