Intel® Performance Viewer

Intel® Performance Viewer is a performance analysis tool that monitors the application's CPU, memory and network usage and displays data in real-time graphs. This application brings a lot of benefits to the real intel new processor. You can use it for quick debugging / profiling or just to know what resources your device is using. On rooted devices, you can also collect low-level hardware performance data. The chart is displayed on top of other running applications and provides options to change its position, duration, color, transparency and size.

Features of Intel® Performance Viewer

Intel® Performance Viewer collects performance data from your device and then displays it in a set of charts that are updated in real time.

Intel Performance Viewer displays data within the application itself or through a series of transparent chart layers displayed on other applications. Customizable, with color, position, transparency and refresh rates among the various options that can be modified.

Over time the complexity of the machine system has also increased greatly. Decentralized buffer subsystems, heterogeneous memory, simultaneous multithreading and unordered execution have a huge impact on the performance and computing power of modern processors.

Use the Run Tasks view to see how applications are consuming system resources. Intel new processor periodically updates the view based on the time period you specify. You can sort the view by different metrics for each running task. Through tracking usage, you will know which apps you use most, which ones are needed to streamline and remove them. Also help you find out which applications are using the most resources, you can save battery power by destroying applications that are stealing all your CPU and RAM.

The following data collection tools depend on the device: CPU usage. Memory usage. I / O network. I / O storage. CPU frequency. Frame rate. Battery figures vary. Data storage varies.

On rooted devices, depending on the configuration you can also collect the following data: CPU cycle. Cache Miss Branch. Bus. Retired guide. Context switching. Page error. Move CPU.

This is a free application, allowing you to completely use it.

This application requires access to your device to perform collection and tracking tasks and also ensures security and does not affect your device.

Currently this application has been downloaded and used by many people.

How to use Intel® Performance Viewer

Just by downloading the Intel® Performance Viewer app, you can easily monitor the performance of applications and rearrange them appropriately.