Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is a simulation game of Codigames where you take charge of an amusement park. You can fill your park by moving, improving and upgrading them, running ads to drive park visitors into your entrance, making tons of money and expanding to other islands. each to achieve the goal of becoming the richest of them.

Start with a small theme park, and work with it to make it grow. Open new attractions to create a great play area where visitors will take roller coasters, ferris wheel, wooden car ride and visit horror houses.

If you like management and idle games, you will love Idle Theme Park Tycoon. An easy game to play, but challenging game. Start with a small theme park and make important business decisions to grow your tycoon. Transform your small business into the best theme park in the world!

Features of Idle Theme Park Tycoon

- A number of games are available.

- Easy game for everyone to play

- Amazing animation and amazing 3D graphics

- Complete different challenges

- Save your progress to the Cloud and restore it if you change your device

- Make important business decisions.

How to play Idle Theme Park Tycoon game

Wise management of food areas, and ticket counters to make money. Expand the theme park to get the most wonderful and comfortable trip.

Improve your park with new rides. Prepare marketing campaigns to bring more visitors to your theme park and provide them with the most enjoyable experience. Expanding parking facilities to increase the number of customers.

Once you are given the key to your big theme park and are allowed to run everything on your own, you will be tasked with making a profit and using those profits to upgrade your theme park. In the early parts of your theme park's life cycle, focus on upgrading parking sections and Ent entries. Make sure your park has a lot of visitors in parallel with the number of parking spaces you have and the level of optimization of your activity.

Hire security guards to maintain public order and security in your theme park. Make visitors feel welcome, comfortable and happy. Take visitor feedback into account to improve the theme park.

Become a theme park tycoon and hire new employees, improve trips and control every aspect of your business. Would you invest your money in improving the park's facilities? Or will you raise wages to keep your employees motivated? Make important decisions to create the best theme park.
Building horses and upgrading them is your main source of income, so once you have a few attractions and runs, you need to focus your attention on managing them. You can view your theme park's excessive status at the 'Statistics' tab, which will include viewing your earnings and finding out which trips are profitable, which is especially helpful as it Let you know what you should focus on.