Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes apk is the 2nd most popular strategy game on google play for the highest grossing games. The game is provided by DHGAMES and was first launched on June 22, 2016. To date, Idle Heroes has had more than 10 million downloads and 460,000 reviews, with an average score of 4.6 / 5.

Idle Heroes is a popular turn-based strategy game on mobile, similar games include Summoner's War, Almost a Hero, Dota Truyen ... The game graphics are 2D animation looks very eye-catching, in addition The game also has a large fanpage with more than 655 thousand likes.

The strength of Idle Heroes is that events and updates are constantly updated, creating excitement for the gaming community. The manufacturer of DHGAMES always knows how to please gamers with new heroes, new items and attractive gifts. Therefore, Idle Heroes is always at the top of the series of charts and is one of the editor's choices.

Idle Heroes has a lot of strong points, but it is really a game that is not heavy in strategy and mainly suitable for the majority of gamers of all ages due to self-fighting style and activities that do not require coordination. fusion between multiple players.

Features of Idle Heroes

Idle System: set up automatic military training mode while you are free to do other things. When you return, your army is stronger, equipped with new capabilities and ready to fight. Developing and training a strong army without wasting time and effort - that's the strength of Idle Heroes PC.

Strategic development: More than 200 heroes with strengths - weaknesses, different skills are waiting for you to discover. Recruit troops, train and equip new abilities. Weapons, armor and equipment also contribute a lot to the overall victory, so do not forget to upgrade them regularly.

Diverse content: Idle Heroes game features a lot of arenas, dungeons, missions, mysterious towers, teams ... for you to explore throughout the game.

Team battles: form an alliance with any friend or gamer to take part in major battles. If you want, you can choose to fight bosses in groups to receive a great reward.
Global arena: bring the strongest warriors into the world arena and watch them PK online with other gamers. The rankings are always updated with new rankings and rewards for winners!

How to play Idle Heroes game

Choose a new server to play

Always do all the tasks of the day

Do not use items if not absolutely necessary

Refer to the lineup of pro gamers