Idle factory tycoon

You are too free but do not want to have to struggle with hardcore games that require intense manual labor? Look for light-hearted time-killing games with a little brainstorming on arrangement and would recommend Idle Factory Tycoon as a specific example.

In Idle Factory Tycoon, you play the role of director of a manufacturing plant with a capital start line. The game will test your operating skills with the most basic thing of the manufacturing business, which is to get raw materials, make products and sell them for money to import new materials.

The game divides production segments into 4 types of workers as follows:

The importing group is tasked with taking goods from the warehouse or from the primary processing line to the production line

The production team directly receives raw materials and processes them into finished products and delivers them to the sales team

The sales team takes the finished product from the chain and transfers it to the delivery truck for the money

The management group includes the managers of the three groups mentioned above, when managed, the groups will automatically operate without players having to manually control them.

In general, Idle Factory Tycoon is a simple mobile game so the graphics are made in cartoon style, do not have many characteristics or effects but still ensure beautiful. The soundtrack is also quite good when it comes to letting players feel relaxed like an experienced manager through slow and elegant melodies.

With the characteristics of cohesion and tight index balance, Idle Factory Tycoon provides players with a light entertainment game, killing time anytime anywhere and especially can turn off the game at any time. The game will calculate the offline time (Idle cash) and pay for production during the time the player exits the game. What is more comfortable with a game to entertain in the free time?

How to play Idle factory tycoon game

Each group will have a level to raise with money, each level will increase the price and of course increase productivity. For the import and sales team, it is the amount of material and money that an employee can carry and when the milestone is reached, the number of employees will be increased. Particularly for the production group, it is determined by the productivity of processing raw materials and converting them into products.