Hustle Castle apk

Hustle Castle game is an attractive strategy role-playing game from publisher BV. Hustle Castle is set in a medieval and eccentric medieval world, you are the owner of the kingdom with the goal of simply protecting the kingdom from enemies and achieving new successes.

Become the lord and owner of a medieval castle, learn new skills, assign tasks to your neighbors, train and protect the people in your castle, challenge rivals or build Building and upgrading the fortress is what is in Hustle Castle.

In Hustle Castle, the player must train the army, protect the kingdom and crush the Grav the Mighty Brainpan and the enemy, take Abyss Lord to his place, and burn down a few castles of enemy. Hustle Castle has 2D graphics and flexible, realistic moving images that promise to bring players exciting experiences in this almost 3D 3D game, currently free on Android and iOS.

Features of Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

- Plot-driven campaign: In hundreds of missions, your hero must fight sea monsters, giants, skeletons and even dragons. Fight with magic, cold steel and cunning strategies. The outcome of the battle is the best testament to all your efforts.

- Building a castle: Build new rooms of the castle and upgrade an existing room. You have all you need to create a dream castle. Embark on building now!

- Residential development: Each of your subjects can learn new skills and equip any equipment.

- Train warriors and talented men, then exchange them with others.

- Multiplayer: In the medieval world, you could burn down the castle of someone you didn't like. But you really don't like anyone, do you?

- Clan: Join an interesting cooperative game. Create clans with other players, talk to each other through chat, develop the kingdom, train champions, conquer territories and rule other kingdoms.

- Gates and mazes: Players have more options to earn unique chests, containing many precious rewards. -New enemies, new bosses and new territories.

- Merchant Group: If you are tired of fighting then join the business.

- Expansion story campaign: Meet the villains and conquer evil.

- Collection of unique heroes.

- Bonus for players if logged in daily.

- Improve the visual element of the game.

- Improve the performance.

In addition, Hustle Castle apk also has a number of other attractive features such as campaigning activities according to the story, joining clans with other players, entering gates and mazes to earn unique random rewards or destroy the boss ... there are many other features waiting for players to discover.