Hungry Shark World is the famous action game "bloodthirsty shark" famous Hungry Shark Evolution.

In the game Hungry Shark Evolution, you will transform into a bloodthirsty shark "guy" ready to swallow anything it sees on the move and has a completely new "descendant" version: Hungry Shark The world with the "crisis" of these "assassins" according to Ubisoft developer is much more fierce than before. Hungry Shark World features a vast game environment covering the world and a huge collection of sharks, promising to bring players an extremely exciting food hunting journey.

Hungry Shark World also owns animated graphics and there are many types of sharks, some of which will not be realistic but are modeled on the creativity of game developers or based on legends, such as armored fish Dunkleosteus or prehistoric monster Mosasaurus.

Your task in the game is to hunt for food through many different game worlds and these locations will be unlocked gradually each time you are transferred to the new game screen. After being recharged, the shark will grow gradually, allowing gamers to hunt more creatures, and upgrade the character to a new level. Currently, the game has 7 shark levels and each level will be divided into 3 different levels. Your task is to use the money gained to upgrade the Speed, Bite and Boost stats for sharks to help them quickly reach new levels.


- Extreme quality 3D graphics.

- 17 different sharks with 7 sizes to collect, from Hammerhead to Great White.

- Efforts to hunt all the prey in the fascinating food chain and upgrade your character to kill prey faster. Don't hesitate anymore, speed up the shark to swim faster or it will be hungry.

- 3 beautiful game worlds to explore: Pacific island - a destination with dazzling sunshine that makes tourists bewitched, Arctic Ocean - cold wasteland - "home" of bases secret army and a series of underground experiments, the Arabian Sea - a land rich with abundant resources.

- 20 different types of missions to score very high, hunt the "best" prey and of course, survive a series of human attacks.

- 100 types of enemies and prey: Whales, submarines, locals ...

Equip sharks with a variety of stylish accessories and special accessories. No shark would be perfect without headphones, umbrellas, and laser launchers.

- Unlock auxiliary animals to increase hunting abilities such as dolphins, octopus, turtles ... All are ready to help you.

- Unlock powerful combos, gold and lots of other objects to increase the score.

- Search for the words "Hungry" to activate the "Supersize" mode that allows you to expand the size of sharks to reach larger prey.

- Connect to Google Play Games to register on the leaderboard.

- Everyplay feature to take photos and share impressive scoring moments.

- Use Facebook to sync game progress across multiple devices.

- Constantly updated characters and new challenges.

- Interface languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian (Portuguese), Turkish, Russian, Korean, Japanese.

- 3 new worlds to experience. The manufacturer revealed the next update will add more maps.

- Every day, the game will introduce a series of 3 new missions, such as swimming 5,000m or hunting 3 divers ... with very valuable prizes.

- Compete in a certain challenge to win rewards such as character customization, bonus ...

- 17 types of sharks to unlock

- Enemies with superior intelligence, require gamers to play more strategically if they want to win.