Hungry Shark Evolution apk

Hungry Shark Evolution game is an action game designed with extremely sharp 3D graphics. Here, you will be acting as a scary shark, collecting loot on the road. This shark is constantly hungry and needs to eat, almost anything and everything then grows into a bigger shark, stronger and only eat more, causing devastating destruction. more awful for the surroundings. Eat anything in the exciting, but equally dangerous ocean world.

Before becoming dangerous and scary, at first, your shark is also very small and grows thanks to the jellyfish, small fish. Your enemies will be hunting mines by humans dropped into the ocean or bigger sharks. However, this is only your battle for survival under the sea. When you are old enough, you will fight big submarines and make the whole ocean world your own.

In Hungry Shark Evolution in the early levels, the scene is relatively simple when you just need to travel on the ocean floor and become an assassin below it, the higher you go, the shark will have to jump ashore to reach the children. richer bait. These levels have great challenges when the player must direct the shark to land and grab the target including humans, or a ship of the people.

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution game

- It is a game controlled visually with sharp 3D graphics extremely eye-catching players?

- There are 11 special types of sharks to develop and upgrade in the game.

- Unlock Baby Shark and add other great features.

- A game with a free, vast world to adventure, hunt, and dominate.

- Explore 15 treasures sunken under the ocean floor.

- There are many strange and wonderful creatures to eat.

There are a total of over 70 quests to complete.

- Connect feature with social networks Facebook.

- Bonus combos and Gold Rush to achieve higher scores.

How to play Hungry Shark Evolution apk

To be able to survive and win the mission, the players should understand these following tips to play it properly. Since the shark is expensive, get free coins and gems as much as possible. By watching trailers in the game menu, it can help too to earn more rewards. Then, the best strategy is to attack from behind. To avoid, especially the bigger fish and deadly teeth of the enemies, give them a surprise by attacking from behind.

Beside it is effective, it is also safe to not be eaten by them. Third, do not forget to remember what can be eaten and what the shark cannot to minimize useless attacks leading to losing any health. Fourth, besides considering the size, be aware of any spikes. This is exactly dangerous, so it is better to always get rid of pufferfish and swordfish. Last, rather than eating regular fish, just tend to focus on goldfish and people. This will give more coins.