Human Fall Fat

Human: Fall Flat is an adventure game combining unique and funny puzzles for computers. Game Human Fall Flat is released on Steam with animated graphics, a system of tables based on real physics will create a vivid adventure, full of surprises for everyone!

Human Fall Flat game offers a humorous and challenging physics based puzzle experience. The game brings an interesting surprise with a quite unique approach. The game intentionally clumsily manipulates the ideal system but turns out to be very real, bringing a humorous experience in a series of complex puzzles. The objective of the player is very simple, you just need to control the character through a series of screen environments to open the door through the screen. It sounds simple but actually this is a fairly complex game not only in the puzzles that require a lot of stages to perform, but also because the physical effects of the game will make you constantly sweat. beads for puzzles.

Specifically, Human: Fall Flat PC is a physics puzzle game, players will play a customized character in the game named Bob. Bob doesn't have any special powers, he's a completely normal person. Players will control Bob to collect objects, climb by hand and observe with his head. Character customization features expressed through appearance can color the body with unique color bands.

This is an intellectual game with an open ending, meaning each table will have different topics with many solutions to solve. The latest version of Human: Fall Flat has added a multiplayer online feature to provide an engaging interactive experience.

You can create a playroom with your friends and see how Bob fell, tripped by landslides, swayed and unexpectedly confronted! Do you need help lifting the stone on the catapult or need someone to jump on the end of the saw? Download Human Fall Flat and experience today to make Bob's dream come true!

Although Bob is just a normal person, without superpowers, in return, if you give Bob the right tool, he can make a story. The world in the game Human: Fall Flat is controlled by modern machines and physical physics and countless challenges exclusively for Bob. Bob's dream will be fulfilled through puzzles and bizarre experiences. Although the world is full of paranoia, the rules are real. Of course, you are free to break the inherent rules to complete the goal of each level!

Features of Human Fall Fat game

- Control and guide the main character. The game does not have any restrictions or constraints, you are free to explore the path and choose the task to complete.

- Interactive gaming environment, you can grab everything, climb, carry ... to complete the goal.

- Internal gaming mode for players and friends to explore the world together.

- Coloring Bob's characters can even put photos of your face on Bob through webcam.

- 8 beautiful gaming locations to explore and solve puzzles.

- Can play over and over again 1 table until achieving satisfactory results