Video calling apps now support group calling, making it easier for people to communicate with each other. Besides popular video calling applications such as Messenger, Skype, etc., there are now many new messaging and video chat applications such as Houseparty.

Houseparty for android is a group video social network where you can connect, see face to face, chat, meet and have fun with friends. It works similar to the group video calling feature in Skype, Facebook Messenger, and helps people connect directly, face to face to chat, chat easily.

HouseParty apk, released by Fortnite Epic Games, allows users to connect via group video calling, playing popular puzzle games today. House party video calling application has just been introduced recently and is growing rapidly in terms of the number of users based on data from Sensor Tower.

The application brings a group chat space when sending messages or video chat comfortably. Videos recorded on Houseparty can be shared with group members for review when they cannot join the chat group. Houseparty is supported on platforms including iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac so we can make Houseparty video calls right on the computer.

If video calling platforms Zoom or Microsoft Teams specialize in online meetings or online teaching, Houseparty is built exclusively for entertainment gatherings. Here, you and your friends will call the group, gather and play familiar games on the screen. Each chat room for up to 8 people to join.

Similar to organizing meetings or study sessions, Houseparty users can also organize public parties to connect with friends, make new friends. Or if you just want to get together with your friends, lock the party up in private.

The unique feature of Houseparty is that the app will send you notifications when your friends are "at home" and ready to chat so you can chat with them. The same thing happens when you log in or open the application. Your friends will also receive a notification that you are in Houseparty and ready to chat, then they come in to interact with you.

Features of Houseparty

The best part of Houseparty lies in simple but engaging video chats. You start the application, invite friends, then friends invite other people. So soon you will talk to a virtual room full of people.

To create a private room, touch the three dots icon at the bottom left of the screen to show the option to ban uninvited guests.

Swipe up:

To find a list of friends online, soar from anywhere on the screen. This will display your contact list and allow you to invite new friends to join the application.

Note the small details:

To find settings, tap the tiny cup on the left-hand side, then click the gear icon. Here, you can edit your profile, add photos and lock up the rooms you are at (to avoid the guests while you're having a serious conversation). This feature even works when you're alone, allowing you more time to fix your hair before talking to people.

On the iPhone, you use 3D Touch to wake to activate the "cool" of Houseparty. Click on an app notification, icon or small widget to open the application without notifying anyone. "Sneaking in to the house" is a great way to surprise a friend or at least make them less bothered to review an announcement.