House Paint

House Paint apk is a game to paint the house with many different levels to bring interesting to players, especially this game can be for your little ones to play because it trains their skills in using colors. , thinking for children when creating, coloring the house in different colors, it does not affect the learning and training of children.

House Paint provides many different house models, to complete the game you need to use colors to paint the house, after completing the coloring of all the white spaces on the house the player has just completed. screen play, download the game to challenge your imagination and aesthetics

House Paint offers players many different levels of play, the levels will be made from easy to difficult in turn, players who complete the small levels will unlock the unlock to a new level with The difficulty level is higher, so you will not be bored when participating in this colorful game.

House Paint provides simple house drawings, you can unleash your creativity to paint the house with many different colors at your disposal, so the children can see this is a place for imagination. fly further, and teach the children to differentiate colors from pictures to reality. Combining different colors to make the house more beautiful is not easy, so you need to have the right combination of colors to create a beautiful, balanced and harmonious home.

Features of House Paint

Sharp HD graphics, bright colors, eye-catching. Real sound.

Giant screen system, one after the other with increasing difficulty to conquer.

House Paint hack for android also owns the My City feature: build your own city. Players can use the gems earned to upgrade, build, decorate houses.

18 kinds of funny rollers, many funny and lovely shapes to unlock. You need to pass rounds of Epic difficulty to have a chance to own them.

Many other interesting features will be developed and released by the manufacturer in the update.

How to play House Paint game

Press WASD or arrow keys or drag left mouse button to paint.