Hot Wheels: Race Off

Hot Wheels: Race Off is a very attractive multiplayer online racing playground. In this playground, you will be able to drive toy cars, overcome dangerous roads and compete with other players around the world.

Hot Wheels: Race Off is a racing game with gameplay extremely simple but no less attractive, especially for speed game enthusiasts. In this playground, your task is not only to wander around a road and time you will be competing with other competitors in a fierce race.

With new gameplay and requires no experience, gamers can immediately engage in races, pedal and show off their superior driving skills. Of course, accidents in the race are inevitable and it is also a factor that makes the attraction for Hot Wheels Race Off as well as racing games in general.

While competing, you may encounter countless problems such as cars running out of gas, killed in an explosion or shattered vehicles when colliding with obstacles.

Always pay attention to the fuel meter. If the fuel tank is exhausted in the middle of the road, you will definitely die in the middle of the road and cannot complete the level. This can be considered as one of the reasons why the game over "bananas" in this playground.

On the racing journey, players will earn coins and use it to repair and upgrade the car for the better. This work needs to be done even when you are in the first level to create an early advantage, speed up the competition and lead the rankings.

Every time the race finishes, the next track is unlocked. Besides, the game graphics are beautifully designed, the roads, cities, landscapes are built vividly like the real thing, bringing gamers into the fascinating screen that can't be stopped.

Features of Hot Wheels: Race Off

More than 20 types of racing cars with over 40 beautiful tracks for players to freely choose and experience.

Speed up by using boosters, steer through bends or overcome obstacles on the road.

Upgrade and build your racing collection.

Challenge friends or players around the world in competitive multiplayer mode.

The game is provided free of charge for players to download the game and experience it.

Additional 10 new levels.

5 vehicles are designed according to the new creature theme including the Shark Bite cars.

Collection to keep your Hot Wheels apk vehicles.

Add mountain terrain environment.