Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the sequel to the most addictive and entertaining physics-based driving game ever! And it's free! From the creators of the original hill climb racing game to Hill Climb Racing 2! It's bigger, better and much more fun !? Play the top free killing time racing game!

Face new unique challenges in amazing new environments, with many different vehicles. Equipped with a large garage, homemade cars and mastering the laws of physics, Bill will not rest until he conquers the highest hills of Climb Canyon.

Your goal is to get them across the finish line without overturning your vehicle. However, due to the complex layout of most tracks, it will not be easy.

Unlike in the previous version of Hill Climb Racing, this new multiplayer feature actually has a set goal which means your race won't last forever. If you're the type of player who loves fast racing but not far games, this feature is for you!

Features of Hill Climb Racing 2

- Competition - Climb the leaderboards, win the race and become the best!

- Events - Compete and win weekly multiplayer events!

- Upgrades - Topping The Performance of the cars you compete!

- Tune - Select and upgrade 14+ unique tuning parts!

- Unlock - Unlock cars and choose the best one for your racing style!

- Customize - Create awesome characters and awesome cars!

- NEW! Grouping! - Establish the last racing team!

- Great Graphics Graphics - Optimized for high and low resolution devices

- Explore - Race in many different environments: on land, asphalt, snow and more!

- Social - Challenge friends and their top profile!

How to play Hill Climb Racing 2 game

The gameplay in Hill Climb Racing 2 is practically identical to the first part of the franchise (a game that has been downloaded more than 500 million times). You only have two controls available on the throttle and the brakes and wr have to use these two pedals in tune with each other to climb huge slopes, downhill hills, through logs, between rocks and overcome many obstacles. Other environmental obstacles.

Drive as far away from the tough racing stages as possible while collecting coins, taking advantage of unrealistic physics and using only two simple controls: throttle pedal and brake. Fuel is supplemented by picking up air canisters or batteries along the way. Players can perform stunts such as driving up into the air for a long time or flipping it to earn extra money, after the race can be spent to upgrade or unlock new stages and vehicles. The game-ending conditions are depleting the vehicle's fuel or crashing into the driver avatar's head.

Although there are 2 basic controls, there are still many strategies and skills needed to make quick progress to climb hills and avoid running out of fuel & avoid overthrowing your death. (oof) You will often have to adjust the flight mode between flights off the top of a hill or when you cross a wobbly bridge (don't look down!), keep your throttle balance and brakes to avoid stalling or tumbling.

Between races, you can improve the car's features or buy some new features. At first, you only have one car, but you can buy more cars and even motorcycles when playing. In addition, you can customize each car with different paint colors, tires and other details.