Hide.io is one of the great games for gamers. This is an extremely mysterious game for you, show your talent to disguise. Train, search for hidden objects. Trust your imagination, creative thinking and observation skills in this fun game. Run through the location and find the best place to hide. Become a furniture item or any other object to get noticed. Hold for 5 minutes and win. Besides, you can try to find all your rivals. In case you manage this task, you will win.

When starting a new game the player will be randomly selected to hide or seek, two opposing sides and the gameplay is also different. If you are with the fleeing, you will be dressed up in whatever items your task is to hide in the surrounding details to the most natural disturbance. For the opposite side to find, you must try to remember the details in 45s and find the difference in memory and what you see in the present to detect those who are hiding.

The number of items is not large enough, but it is enough for other players to be confused by their decisions when each person has only 6 lives to decide whether it is a fake or not among hundreds of items. different, however, the win rate between the two sides is extremely balanced, so nothing is too different between the two sides. Depending on the player depending on the hiding or remembering you can bring the final victory for your team to wish you happy gaming.

Features of Hide.io

- Real-time Online multiplayer games

- If your team survives 200 seconds as an object then your team will win spectacularly.

- If your team finds all hidden objects within 200 seconds, your team will win

- The level-up system is great for players with many great experiences.

- Hide.io is very good and very creative, with Lego graphics that make us more impressive when participating, Online game mode combines with many other gamers and you are really lucky to have been playing the game. Interesting, it can be said that this is a hide and seek game, rather, in different locations in the Hide.io game, you will hide somewhere most respectable for no one to search.

How to play Hide.io game

This game is one of the interesting puzzle games with simple solutions that are extremely delicate and twisted. Players will not be too difficult in controlling and controlling the game. If you are fleeing, you will wear clothes to any item that your task is to hide in the surrounding details to disturb the most natural. On the contrary, if you find you must try to remember the details for 45 seconds and look for differences in memory and what you see in the present to detect those who are hiding.