Hidden Object

Hidden Object is a pretty interesting game in which your search and search skills will be more challenging than ever. The task of Hidden Object is quite simple, you just need to find hidden objects placed in different contexts, you will have to really focus on the observation to find out in the fastest time.

Hidden Object offers many levels that take place in different contexts and you can choose from a number of easy, medium or hard levels. For difficult situations, you can use hints that will show you the position of an item from the scene, but the use of these suggestions will be limited, so you need to consider carefully. The game has a set amount of time, so you have to be quick to find the objects within the time allowed.

Hidden Objects bring you some pictures that are also scenes in which hidden objects, the harder the level of difficulty, the harder it is to find these objects, the more time you spend. This puzzle game requires players to have detailed observation skills because just a few seconds of neglect will you waste valuable time, show your talent with this unique puzzle game.

Features of Hidden Object:

- Hidden object puzzle game

- Many different play contexts

- Easy, medium and hard levels

- Time limit"