Hero Wars

Hero Wars is an action game that depicts battles between heroes, with dozens of unique powerful characters with unique skills, Hero Wars has many fantasy action RPG action campaigns. colorful.
To be stronger, you need to have a strong and consistent squad. Each piece has a different special ability and different skills, please coordinate very smoothly to reach the maximum power threshold.
- Warriors can play the role of blocking and causing dame at the same time, how to use it depends on what squad you are missing.

- Tanks are blocks, so put them on top and block the others for damage.
- Marksmen are troops that deal damage at long range with extremely terrible damage in the back of your squad.
- Mages are the ones that deal strong damage like Marksmen but are magic damage, the same troops should be in the back row.
- Support is the army that supports other troops to live and ensure the safety of the squad when it is possible to buff, heal, create armor to make your squad safer.
- Control are special pieces when they debuff the opponent. This is a very powerful piece in battles with the Boss or in the Arena, but in the Campaign, you do not need these pieces.
Build a squad with a strong Tank, a Warrior and 1 Mages or Marksmen, this will be the standard squad to help you easily overcome difficult maps ahead."