HERE WeGo is a utility product that helps users find their desired location, similar to Google Maps. You can use this HERE WeGo app anytime, anywhere, because it allows it to be used offline. Currently, the application is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

If you are looking for an app that can be found outside of the familiar app like Google Maps with more optimized utilities, HERE WeGo is probably the right choice. The application was developed to bring a more optimal solution for users related to location searches.

Since its official release, HERE WeGo has consistently received praise from many popular magazines such as Guardian, the New York Times, TechCrunch, Forbes, CNET, Mashable, and more. With HERE WeGo, users can plan their trips, save location maps right on their phones; know exactly where you are going and what routes you will take to get there, track traffic conditions, and other options in case you want to change your route.

Features of HERE WeGo


- Accurate GPS. Here you can rest assured the HERE WeGo's GPS navigation allows extremely high accuracy of the search location. If the Google Map application still has many cases of location deviations, then with this new application users can be assured.

- Offline map. The great feature of HERE WeGo is its offline search. You do not need 4G or internet connection in general to use. Just a few taps, you can conveniently use this map app. Here Maps feature stands out from previous positioning maps because it allows you to locate each route you are traveling.

- Voice guidance. Users of HERE WeGo's route finder will be directed to the destination or any requirements related to stops such as ATMs, gas stations ... will be directed entirely in Vietnamese with a standard voice.

- Link with the Car2Go car-sharing service, a form of sharing a taxi. When looking for a location, you will have the option of traveling by Car2Go. You can see which cars are available near you, price, fuel consumption, vehicle type.

- Find the route in SearchBox.

- A small house icon in the upper right corner of the screen helps users save home addresses. Then you just need to touch it to see the route home from anywhere.

- Taxi information is available in some cities, including taxi fees and waiting times. There is a button for a quick taxi call. More cities will be added in the future.

- Unlike other applications that have strong support capabilities but were previously charged with service fees, the Here Maps app provides completely free services.

- Here Maps application allows displaying information about routes, traffic density. In addition to supporting the ability to display regular and satellite maps, the application also supports you with the necessary information, provides traffic maps, shows detailed routes, as well as information about traffic and traffic density at that route in real-time. In addition, the Here Maps app provides information on public transport routes in more than 50 countries and 700 cities, large and small, around the world.

- Here Maps application allows viewing models of buildings and constructions. HERE Maps also has the ability to display the scale of buildings and large buildings in areas on the map. But the special feature here is that in addition to viewing the buildings, you can also know how many floors that building is.