Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor apk is a horror strategy adventure game. Here, the player plays the curious boy breaking into the mysterious neighbor's house, experiencing the secrets of the creepy house. The game focuses on the stress of solving puzzles and avoiding his pursuit, unlike the title game Neighbor from Hell.

What makes the drama dramatic for this game is that the AI of the neighbor is built and developed in the direction of preventing things that the player has done before. He will know how you often break into or hide, taking advantage of each player's mistake to catch the curious. Therefore, the more he plays this game, the more he will be neighbors.

Bring fancy cartoon style, close-up bright-colored games, and installation items in the game do not feel scared. But what makes horror is the intelligence of the neighbor. The neighbor will learn and remember what the player did before, trying to prevent that from happening again. And obviously, you will not be able to cope with the old way used to. You need to use skill sneaky action, cunning, many tricks and a little luck to escape the wrath of his neighbor.

Once familiar with the game, you will no longer feel afraid of the horror chase phase anymore. The important thing here is that you need to be calm to find the keys that open the door in parallel with running away from the neighbor or you need to avoid the trap or the camera that he has set. You need to link yourself all the data process while playing to understand the game story, the horror factor is often quite troublesome.

Features of Hello Neighbor APK

Despite bringing horror elements, the game leaves many imprints for players by many interesting features such as:

- This is a thrilling horror game that requires players to focus on hiding in the neighbor's house.

- Continuous improvement of experience when the neighbor's artificial intelligence can count the number of moves and learn from what the player has done.

- Freestyle gameplay with many things that can interact in the environment and realistic physics

- The game has an English interface, audio, and subtitles

- The physical mechanics of the game are also equally interesting. Players can easily interact with household items with extremely realistic realities, for example, players will need to cook to break the frozen key, or the red-shoveled shovel cannot be held. because it's too hot.

How to play Hello Neighbor game

With the ease of control, you just need touch to solve the puzzles, find out the secrets he is hiding in the basement and overcome challenges is the key entertainment for you in this game.