Hearthstone is one of the most notable card strategy games on the mobile gaming platform with hundreds of card systems and attractive gameplay that has just released the latest update. This new version adds new item packs, adds heroes, continues to increase the number of cards and improves some new features, contributing to a variety of gaming experiences.

Hearthstone is one of the few top-rated card strategy games and if you are proud to be a "well-named" gamer you definitely should not miss it. In this game, the player's task is very simple, that is to destroy enemies through the use of monsters and talismans. The more you win, the more chance you will have of magic and strength to shorten the time to take out opponents.


- In Hearthstone, players will control their hero in the card game with fast, powerful speed. In a short time, you will have to unlock cards to perform spells, summon soldiers and gain control of the battle. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gamer, Hearthstone has no shortage of surprises for you.

- Hearthstone includes a compelling mission system, bringing players into the most spectacular game world ever.

- Create your own card collection from hundreds of different cards.

- Experience realistic battles against heroes in the World of Warcraft. Thrall, Uther, Gul'dan - all are waiting for you.

The card is connected to the Battle.net account, allowing the player to synchronize the gaming process between the tablet and PC easily.

- Join the arena Arena and fight to defeat other players to win attractive prizes.

- Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.


Currently, Heartstone has 4 game modes in Hearthstone.

- Normal game mode: In this mode, you can fight with anyone in the world, of course, it depends on the region you choose when playing. The players here will come in many forms. Usually, there are terrible types of people and they are ready to welcome you with bowls of onion porridge. But this is only the second easiest mode in Hearthstone. If you do not practice much here, you will hardly be able to set foot on the Arena and fight Rank.

- Rank match mode: This is the ranked game mode in the game. Players will have to fight each other to win the No. 1 position of the game. Or simply be in the top 10 or 15 to get a new card shape, looks very good and can not help terrifying the opponent.

- Arena Mode: Arena mode is a game mode where you can earn gold, Arcane Dust and a lot of other interesting things in the game. During each play, you will have to choose 1 card out of 3 randomly appears 30 times. After 30 times, players will create a 30-card deck to confront opponents from around the world. Of course, in this Arena mode, you will have to try to win a lot in this mode if you want to collect more cards or create new cards more beautiful.

- Duels Mode: Duels is a mode that allows players to challenge other people on their friend's list. When dueling like this, you will not receive rewards. The game also has a quite detailed Tutorial mode and will help players access to Hearthstone more easily. More specifically, you can communicate with your opponent in a "civilized" way with pre-programmed words for each hero