Happy pet story

If you've ever been fascinated with Sims on your PC for years, don't miss the Happ Pet Story virtual pet game with a new Sim style, extremely interesting but completely free on devices running Android and iOS.

Discover interesting stories about cute and funny pets. In the game, you not only have the task of taking care of virtual pets, decorating your home but also entertaining with many attractive mini games. What is more exciting than being immersed in the city of joy of happy pets and creating a unique dream home only in your imagination.

The task of the player is raising, taking care of the virtual pet you created in the game. You can adjust, design the color, the appearance of the pet. Don't forget to name it! Take care of your lovely baby and play mini games with it. The game consists of hundreds of items for you to collect together with hundreds of thousands of cute costumes and fashion accessories for you to freely choose.

Stroll along the streets to discover colorful and colorful shops or simply to relax in the cafe. Invite friends to visit your town and show off their creative and creative talent to them. Cultivate affection for friends and interact with your neighbors through hilarious conversations. Do not forget to help them in daily tasks to receive attractive rewards.

You can leave personal contact information at the pet's house. See how your house grows over time!

Features of happy pet story

Free download and free updates

Simple, intuitive, easy to play

Unique, vibrant are two accurate adjectives to describe the cute pet town you created.

Happy every day with neighbors who love animals

200 unique costumes, more than 300 furniture and decorations, more than 200 customizable looks for the character and you can join with over 10 neighbors in the same town.

Multiplayer mode! Visit friends and compete on the world rankings.

Or play in Offline mode, no internet connection required. Breed pets for life.

Suitable for everyone including the elderly or children.

Available for mobile devices and optimized for large screen tablets.