Happy Glass

Happy Glass apk is an interesting arcade game in which you have to fill a sad empty cup to make it happy again. You must help the water flow in the right direction. To do this, you can give us your creative drawing skills.

The cup is empty and not happy about it! This container is only happy when it is filled by rim! In Happy Glass, you cannot let this fragile character sit with such sadness. It has a purpose, and it wants to accomplish this purpose. Can you help the glass catch all the falling water? It can't reach the tap, so grab your pencil and draw lines to control the flow of water. Redirect steam to fill small glass. See? Seems happy back!

There is too much water to fill the glass to the required level but be careful! Pour too much water and you will need to retry the level. There are 100 challenging levels to complete.

Try to make glasses happy in all three game modes. Master all the modes in this interesting online puzzle game, where you must follow the game rules to complete each level. Or remove the blocks to bring the glass to the bottom without spilling it, filling it up or turning the glass into place. Try to complete all levels in this online version of the famous Happy Glass app.

Features of Happy Glass

- Interesting and relaxing topics will make you stay quite a while

- Dynamic mechanism. Draw freehand lines to complete the level!

- Lots of levels coming soon!

- Simple, smart and interesting puzzles but can also be challenging

How to play Happy Glass game

Happy Glass is an entertaining puzzle game with 100 levels and cute graphics. As a player, your goal is to grab a pencil and draw a line to control the flow of water into the glass. Each level has a hose, some platforms and a glass plate placed somewhere at a small distance from the tap. To draw a line, use the left mouse button. Draw a shelf from the tap to the glass but pay attention to the platforms between them. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while drawing a line.

First of all, you cannot draw multiple lines. You can only draw one continuous line. When you release the left mouse button, the faucet will turn on and the water will begin to flow. Remember that when you stop drawing, the line will be moved by both gravity and the flow of water. Use platforms around the level to secure the line so it will stay where it is. Another thing you should pay attention to is how the platforms are laid out. They often act as an obstacle and means to support your drawings. Research and use your environment to solve puzzles and fill glass with marked lines. When you fill the glass, you have completed the level and can move on to the next.
Try to find the best way to complete each level. You can come up with your own solution, so be creative and don't be afraid to think out!
Some levels may look easy, but let's see if you really get 3 stars.