GunboundM apk is a global game vs players all around the world!. The game brings the typical coordinates shooting game for gamers. There, players will be able to control the tanks (or Mobile) and use their skills to align the bullet path to the exact location of the enemy. The angle of fire and the force of fire must be cleverly combined, but the effect of the wind and many other conditions make the player must have a superior calculation mind.

One of the outstanding changes in the game is that you can control up to 3 tanks (or mobile) in battles instead of one as in the original. Besides, you can also buy new tanks with in-game currency or by calculating the year of in-app purchases with real money if you want to invest.

Besides online mode with other players, gamers can also practice improving their skills by practicing in shooting mode with AI. You can also buy new tanks of in-game money or real money. In addition, some items have the ability to fire x2 or x3 bullets to reduce operations and make the game experience more fun and more attractive.

Particularly for the vehicles, weapons, fighting skills, sound effects, GunboundM retains the original character, bringing a feeling of closeness to those who have played Gunbound on PC. The game's 2D graphics are designed in a funny, lovely Chibi style and with vivid skill effects.

FEATURED of GunboundM

This is a game that has fascinated so many young people. The game currently attracts a lot of players of all ages by the different features that it brings such as:

Global online PvP battle game:

- The board will create explosive battles with many different cannons and fight against other players.

- A team will consist of 3 gamers. The game supports season competition and rewards.

Easy gameplay with loads of cool tactics:

- GunboundM supports tactical combat with many attractive weapons that players can choose for themselves.

- If you win the crazy bombardment, GunboundM will give you the right to buy 15 types of tanks and 45 different types of weapons. So cool!

- Cloud effects and totems create special effects for rockets.

New GunboundM support for multiple mobile platforms: You can play GunboundM on Android, the latest game version and have great new features.

You can collect many beautiful avatars:

You can freely collect cute, beautiful avatars to your liking. Each character has their own special and diverse skills.

- Choose an avatar that suits your strategy.

Besides, there are some new features such as:

- Adjust the balance in combat.

- Knight Weapon SS: Damage reduced by 10%

- Ice Weapon SS: Damage reduced by 10%

- JD Weapon 1: Increases electric shock range to 10%, increases damage to 5%.

How to play GunboundM game

Use your mouse to control this interesting and awesome shooting game.