GuitarTuna apk is a high precision guitar string tuning application, completely free and very simple to use. With Guitar Tuna, tuning the standard guitar will not be as troublesome as before.

To be able to play a good guitar, in addition to owning a quality guitar, the player also needs to master the standard tuning way. Because just a little bit skewed or do not know how to correctly tension, the sound emitted will not be as expected. This is also the reason why sometimes owning an expensive guitar is not a prerequisite. Currently, there are many ways you can tune the keyboard such as manual hands, using the machine or Tuner software online. However, with the Guitar Tuna application, you can completely turn your beloved cricket into an extremely professional string tuning tool.

GuitarTuna app has many powerful features such as simple to use, accurate and fast tuning, Guitar Tuna has so far attracted more than 20 million downloads worldwide. This is truly an indispensable instrument for those who love playing guitar, bass, ukulele, and all other popular stringed instruments.

Features of Guitar Tuna

- Works with electronic guitars, acoustic guitars as well as musical instruments with a built-in microphone. In particular, no need connecting the cap.

- Suitable for new players playing. The application proposed by guitar instructors with many years of experience.

- Intuitive, friendly interface, providing comments in the form of specific images.

- Integrated most advanced audio recognition algorithm.

- Perfect accuracy, suitable for proficient players.

- Automatic string tension mode with faster speed.

- Improved toolkit for musicians, including Metronome (set the tempo - tempo beat rate, change the beat manually or touch the desired speed index), 6 interesting games to conquer. chords (learn, practice and conquer all chords, develop the ability to identify every chord by ear), chord library (search for easy chord clicks and hear the sound coming out), learn sounds songs (4 songs with sheet music to practice guitar and test your skills), alternate string (Tuning) sets.

- Guitar Tuna supports the following instruments: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Viola, Violin, Cello, Fiddle, Balalaika, Banjo and others.

- Over 100 Tuning available, including Standard, Drop-D, Drop tuning, Open tuning, Half step down, 7-string tunings (including drop-A) and 12 strings.

How to use Guitar Tuna

When you first open the app, press one of the letters E, A, D, G, B or E and then hold your phone or tablet close to your guitar as you pluck the string application. It will then tell you if the note is too low or too high. And all you have to do is turn your guitar tuning knob.

Continue plucking the string on your guitar and keeping it close to your phone or tablet as you turn the tuning latch. When you have the right notes, you will have a small tick.

You can then press the letter of the next string and redo the same. You will notice a little automatically in the upper right corner. If you turn it off, you have to manually press the strings, but if you turn it on, the app will guess the string you are plucking.